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Designer inspired mirror coasters set in gift box

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                                      Designer inspired mirror coasters

These have been a popular request from a lot of my beautiful  followers, so here they are I have only made a couple sets for now. If you want them grab them now. 

Stunning sets you'll want guests over just so you can show them off. 

Choose from Dior style Or Chanel style Or LV style 

Dior consists of 4 mirror coasters 2 in pink & 2 in champagne with diamante detail presented in a white magnetic gift box. 

Chanel consists of 4 mirror coasters 2 in white & 2 in black each differently crafted in pearls & stones presented in a black magnetic gift box. 

Louis Vuitton (Re-designed New Look)) consists of 4 mirror coasters all 4 have a logo in  pewter gray  & each crafted differently in pearls & stones  

Coasters are 10cm 

Handmade with love & care